said this before, and I will say it again, and I will continue saying it till people listen.




Nothing, no books, no land, no anything, is worth the loss of human life.



and war, such a disgusting way to do it........


the western world does not go to war to defeat enemies. to restore justice. to introduce democracy.



it goes to war to keep us united. because people dont give a **** about each other any more. commercalism and capitalism killed that a long time ago. people need fear, enemies, the unknown, to unite them. solidarity no longer comes in the form of 'us', but in the form of 'us against them'.



look at every single bit of the Terrorist Act, and the Serious Crime Act, as well as all the other Acts the Labour government brought in after 9/11, most of which I have been threatened with................. those laws arent about stopping terrorism, supported by the war in Iraq. Those laws are about eating away at our civil liberties. Those laws are grave diggers to the UN, International Law, and Habeas Corpus.



Not only do I hate war, the death, the destruction, the mindless slaughter, the notion of an army, people joined together in the act of killing, this idea of brotherhood and defense in killing hundreds. I hate what it is used for. I hate how it is seen as necessary. A part of modern society.




Are we really no better than that? At least animals kill naturally. Claws and teeth and brute force. And us, with our white phosphorus, our napalm, our sniper rifles, our rockets, we call ourselfs human?





no one else needs to die. x

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
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