I Don't Understand How People Believe In A Loving God

The First Evil In This Life, Has Been Predator and Prey.  To me to think there is a Loving God, that makes the Food Chain in this Life, the means of Predator and Prey.  That is taking the Life of another, for some other Specie to Survive.  Is not a Love from God in my opinion.

Then it goes further ...  Species have to Fight wanting Power of others.  Which is constantly this World of Wars and Wars. That to me is that this Doesn't look at all to me, that this world has some kind of Loving God. It looks to me like an Evil God.

Always in the News and being shoved into my face everyday and Most People lately don't have any damn common sense with this Life.  It really bothers me. I hate it!!!  angry  It's Disgusting!!!

Don't tell me there is a  ... Loving God.  Because there isn't!!!
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

You can't convince those who believe in a Loving God that it doesn't Exist. And to think being Atheist is rebelling against a Loving and Moral God. So my point is that what I have against it all isn't against something Loving and Moral. But what isn't.

Why can't there just be no god at all? Why does there need to be a god that is either loving or evil? There is no god. No god. Not evil; not good. None.