the Cycle Never Ends!

Washing dishes has got to be the worst thing in the world... well almost. It's never ending. I wash dishes and think "Yay all the dishes in the place are clean!" But as soon as I get hungry or my boyfriend comes home (he always eats something when he comes home) there are more dishes in the sink. Again. And then after supper, even more. I really should wash dishes after every meal, but it seems like such a waste of soap and water and dish rags and time to wash them continuously. So I procrastinate. And I put them off. And the load gets bigger. And I get angry at myself for not doing them earlier. The cycle never ends!
cinymin cinymin
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4 Responses Oct 26, 2006

I hate doing silver wear the most!

It feels like my sink is always full of dirty dishes. I miss having a place to hide them (ie., a dishwasher). Now I am the only dishwasher.

Haha good idea. At least that will save some dishes. And I promise that I won't nod off while wielding a knife! Ouch!