Dirty Dishes Poem....

Doing the dishes has always been my most hated chore. Growing up, my mom always made my sister and me do the dishes by hand, even though we had a dishwasher! It was always there, but it just took space and I didn't even know how to use it. Looking back, I should have been smart enough to go buy some damn dishwashing detergent, but until the day I moved out, I always did the dished by hand.

I am now married to a man who is in the Air Force, with two children, and my very own dishwasher! We have only moved twice so far, but I know the one thing that WILL always come with me, no matter where we get stationed. My Dirty Dishes Poem. I read it EVERYTIME I do the dishes! I set it up right in front of the sink where I can see it and it makes me feel grateful:

Thank God for dirty dishes.

They have a tale to tell.

While others may go hungry

we're eating very well.

For by the stack of evidence

I shouldn't want to fuss.

With home and health and happiness

God's been good to us.

It's kind of like a guilt trip ala starving kids in third world countries who don't have green beans! The poem is just written on a cheesy little card in some 90's font with colorful lettering. The colors have faded from the sun coming through the kitchen windows, but no matter how faded it gets, it will always get me through yet another dastardly task of washing the dishes!

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2 Responses Jun 19, 2008

I don't mind washing dishes (I may be one of a tiny remaining group of citizens of industrialized nations who have never owned a dishwasher!) but I adamantly refuse to dry them.<br />
<br />
My position: If the good Lord intended for me to dry dishes, He wouldn't have made air.<br />
<br />
That's my position. I like your poem, too - I'd heard the first four lines, but not the last four. Apparently my associates are not only dishwashing-haters, but too ADD to stick through the poem the whole way, too!

thats funny i am going to use it too lol