New Dishwaser...please

i really hate washing the dishes. i do just about anything to get out of doing them. i offer to pay my siblings and best friend WAY more than a decent amount...i really cannot stand it. i dont mind putting them away, and once i get started, im fine...but...i just dread dishes more than anything!! esp. since our dishwasher broke and we are stuck doing them by hand. that, and the fact that my mom likes to let them pile up for a while before deciding i should help her out by doing them. & i know it would be a lot easier if i would just do them without being asked, me, it just isnt worth it. i really cannot stand it. lol
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2 Responses Jun 28, 2007

I know what you mean.. I once paid my little brother five dollars to do a smaller load of dishes... hand wash, of course. Did that for two nights... then I ran out of money and had to offer books and stuff!

For me, I can go through and do the dishes well enough, but after I have spent all that time elbow deep in water, I hate having to put them away. I'll put the dishes away if I don't wash them though. Just somehow doing both is too much.