I hate doing dishes! Of all the things my mother asks me to do, she knows that the dishes are the one that I can't do. She has just stopped ask me to do them. I have a phobia about the soggy chewed-up pieces of other people's food on my hands! I absolutely can't stand doing the dishes! And, I feel bad, that mama ends up doing them... but I can't help it.... I load and unload the dishwasher... which can get gross... but I can't handwash the dishes! She doesn't understand how I can be interested in Forensics and stuff... but be afraid of the dishes.... I don't quite understand it myself.... but everytime I try to bring myself to do the dishes... I just feel like urping!! And I HATE puke!! So.. we have a deal.. she'll do the dishes if I'll watch the kids... I'd so much rather change the diaper of a cute little baby than wash the crud of a mountain, or even a small pile, of dishes! I babysit anyway! Thats my job! And I love that job... and I'll never do the dishes as long as I can help it!
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I used to be like that when I lived with my parents, but I was brutally forced to do the dishes when I started living by myself. I tried and tried to put it off, but then the dishes piled up and my mom refused to come over and do them for me.<br />
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However, I have good news. There's these long rubber gloves you can buy that will keep your hands dry and soggy-food-free!