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I actually have a sink and stove full of dishes and pans that need to be done. I really don't feel like it at all. I don't even want to get up. I def. don't want to stand in front of a sink.

I have tried in the past to make doing dishes fun. I name my sponges and I use my favorite scented dish soap.(anything Citrus) I also turn the radio on and jam but right now I just feel like sitting here and staring at the dishes in the sink.
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I used to go through the same thing!! I used to get so stressed out about the amount of dishes piled up I would actually have an anxiety attack!! My poor husband would come home from work and do them for me when it got that bad!! We have moved to a house with a dishwasher and now I am having no troubles (with dishes! =) ) Don't worry about. Their is always the next day.People get so uptight about clean houses. Life is way too short. Relax. =) J

sorry if i sounded flippant and patronising, i didnt mean it too, you will get round to it when you're able to, i only said that because i look at jobs myself and just cant do them until im ready, try not to put yourself under pressure its guaranteed to make you back off

Sod the dishes, find someting more interesting to look at, the dishes will still be there tomorrow and the next and the next, You'll do them when you run out of crockery!