I Think It's More of An Ocd..

i rarely do the dishes..becuase it just feels really gross..espescially when the cold water from the dirty dishes gets on me right after it does i rinse it of with warm water where ever the dish water was...i don't know but for some reason it just feels really germy and i cannot stand it..
Loganberry Loganberry
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2007

i know exactly what you mean. it's too bad ou countertop dishwasher is to small for some things or i'd never wash by hand. but then some dishes come out of the dishwashr with a little dirst on them nd i have to completely hand wash them or i can't use it. when washing dishes by hand i also waste water becuase i can't use a sink full of dirty water. ew.

Know what I do, I wash them In hot water and rinse them in hot water too, I just make sure I use hot H20 even when rinsing to put in the dishwasher. No worries. peace,J