I Hate Waste

Ever notice how a lot of products you buy are designed to screw up, so that you have to buy more of it? I dont think it's right. A lot of people say this is great, because companies make money. Though it's not great for poor people like me. I expect if I buy something, it should last awhile. Not purposely wear out so I have to buy more.

People say this is just capitalism. I have to disagree, that's just greed. Before anyone came up with the idea of planned obselecence, things were built last.  So, say you got a old TV from the 80's, it still works surprisingly. Though say if you took a pricy brand name TV bought in the year 2009, fast forwarded 15 years in the future, that TV wouldve pooped out 13 years ago.

Companies like Microsoft purposely make their operating systems bloat, to make people buy newer hardware. And to force people into buying the new OS, they cease selling it and then later cease plugging the security holes. So you have to buy a new computer, even if the one you're using works fine for what you want. Computer technology changes quite a bit, and Microsoft has to keep up with that. Though Microsoft makes so much money, has a practicle monopoly, they'd still make shitloads of cash selling their vista OS for $50. Most of the code in it is from Windows 2k and XP. Most of the work is already done, so their making heaps of profit... I mean ridicules profits (Even though most people dont want Vista)

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1 Response Apr 18, 2009

I agree that a good deal of waste is created by manufacturers with an eye on repeat business who produce goods with built in obsolescence, but a huge amount of stuff is thrown out by people simply because they are bored with whatever it is. My father-In-Law is one of those sort of people. A few weeks ago he came to visit us, looked at our microwave [which is only a few years old and works perfectly well] and said ''Aren't you bored of that now?''