WHY?! They suck! Ok so some are really cute and I so did a double take at myself this morning w/ this one on but they still suck. And what's with the under-wire!! Just paid a fortune for this one and I already have a wire jabbing me in the boob. I must admit that certain tops just need that special one to bring the girls together but you try finding a "push up" in size "D"... what a PIA! And you have to sell a kidney to afford a nice one. I love bustiers but at $80 and up for a good one it just isn't worth it.


deep sigh.... getting off my soapbox now

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I only wear them when leaving the house also. Try Fashion Bug, Lane Bryant or Roamans.<br />
I never wear a bra when I sleep, besides the health prationers in an article said that breasts need to breathe at night.<br />
I wear a 44C. I do get some playtex bras when I am not trying to catch some guys eye. I do like the underwire and as with you I have some that when I wear them the first time I have the wire poking me. When that happens I don't buy that brand any more.<br />
You may also want to get a formal bra fitting it certainly helped me.

MSP...When I am in an area with a lady with an uncovered pair, you can bet they are in charge.......

Just pull both sides together w/ a quick little stitch and "boobage"... I think sometimes we just need them to stand up and take charge... :)

I hate when the underwire starts to misbehave. The dryer is the bra's mortal enemy.<br />
<br />
I feel ya on the push-up in D. I've never been very successful with that myself.

MSP<br />
No worries I will be happy to walk behind you and hold them up!

OH and don't u know that the damn underwire on the right is coming out... just bought this thing!! AAUUGGHH!!

I must check it out! Thanks!... i love the whole look... thigh highs and all but w/ the 5 million sex shops in town I can never find the right one. They are great w/ just a pair of jeans and a small jacket too...

Where in the heck do you shop??!! I just bought a bustier at Wal-Mart 3 weekends ago for $30! No ruffles or lace, but when hubby helped take it off, he was screamin' where's the garter to go with it??!

Ha ha Thats funny. I'd say the same thing. You go girl!!