Yuck! Panties!

I hate them!
I think they are very uncomfortable and cumbersome!
The only thing they are good for is to model them.
I simply cannot wear them, especailly with jeans, they suffocate me.
I used to own one pair that i'd wear once in a great while with a dress, and then, i decided to wear dresses with no undies. Oh! the sense of freedom!!
What happened to that one pair, you ask? I sent them to a friend in Mass.
he enjoyed them much more than i ever did! ;)
So, wherever i am, whatever i'm doing, i'm always pantiless!!!
luscious36ds luscious36ds 41-45, F 50 Responses Jul 11, 2012

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especially with short skirt

I think that even if you don't wear them "panties" is one of the sexiest words that a woman can utter.
(insert sexy wicked seductive dreamy smile)

Sounds great..... harder for us guys......
I'm jealous

I agree with you I love a woman who doesn't wear any panties

Wear thongs....i do

No way! Why would I want a string of fabric up my ***?? I don't think so!!

That's a great turn on for me

This story makes me happy... :)

They get in the way of the good stuff

Luscious, you are SO my kinda girl! lol. Me, I love going to outdoor festivals, art, music, whatever, with a woman in a dress and nothing on underneath. Maybe only we two know, but it's still such a turn-on for me. Being "naughty" in public. Her teasing me in all sorts of "visual" ways and driving me to total distraction when I can't do ANYTHING about it. Ah, the Sweet Agony of it all!!

Add me please, love to chat/get acquainted. And I have a good story that you might enjoy.

Glad to have found you!

Totally understand, I agree....wish I could get away with it, but the junk keeps flopping around

easy access baby..i like..;0)

well... for me, it's not about easy access...

more of the free air flow huh..;)

No, I simply dislike panties

hey I here you does turn me on knowing a woman dosent have panties on ,,;)

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That was a wonderful message to read first thing in the morning. :-)

it's a good thing that you keep the "young Lady" well aired out. there is nothing better than fresh air.... it puts color upon your cheeks.

You are a very smart woman who knows how to dress. I would love to take a peek! But after helping with the family laundry for many years, I do not see how panties could excite a man. :)

Nothing beats the freedom. You ladies are lucky to be able to wear dresses and have a nice breeze underneath. But I agree , commando is the only way to go.

I know exactly how you feel.
I can't wear anything under, either.
Thanks for sharing.

Whatabout when it's your time of the month, do you use pads, of the ones you put inside, sorry it's a bit rude.

They're called tampons. Yes, I use those instead of pads, I'd use them even if I wore panties.

Do you know the color of my favorite baseball team's hat? If you do, then you also know the color of my face right now! Great story.

Both RED! ;)

i wana see dancin with panties on. without it, it takes me a while to enjoy it lol

Thats way to Sexy Yikes

I think its sexy a woman going commando

Going 'commando' is great. Does mean I have to wash my trousers more often though.

Dunno... You tell me... How is your personal hygiene...

On the whole pretty good. It's just part of the nature of genitals to produce an odour. Never viewed underwear as just being a way to keep one's bits cosy.

Whoohoo sweet!!!!

Thank-you for the fantasy. O so sweet.

Thank-you for the fantasy.

I would love to see you with a skirt....;)

here here chickie . . . same here . . . very well put . . . and thank you for sharing . . . 8D

Commando... the way it was meant to be.... ;-)

You must shave smooth then too I hope (OMG... sooo sweet)

Inspiring story! One question, if you modeled your one pair of panties and gave them away, what do you model now? :)

I did not say I used to model with that one pair. I said panties are only good for modeling, see the difference?

if you ever find any more of your panties send them to me

I didn't lose them. I don't own any...