My Daughter Don't Wear No Panties Anymore.

Well I try to tell the last few months of my personal life here. So go to my stories and catch up to now. The Vice principal called about my daughter. She'd told me that for the past week, she had to wear underwear to her cheerleading pratice. At first she wore sweats and now they had to wear their outfits to practice outside so they can get used to those pyriminds and flipping. The cheerleader teacher keeps seeing her ***** everytime the wind kicks up, flips, or the pyrimind. Today was the last straw, she was on the in the pyrimind and her skirt was on on her back. Her butt, butthole and ***** was easily seen. She couldn't put it down because people was on her. The Vice said she can't doing that. She already talked to my daughter and she came in the office with her outfiton that she had on all day. She couldn't sit down without exposing her *****. She had to push the skirt down in front of ***** to cover it. The Vice told me that that she was ok with it as long as no one would see it. But in games and public she had to wear some. The Vice told the teacher how we were and it can ok not to wear any if they are by themselves. The Vice told my daughter how not to expose herself. She knows she loves nudity but people don't need to see her. Then she stood up and showed my daughter she was wearing a thin and short dress too. She undid the sting and her dress came apart. She showed that she was bald too and that our family encouraged her to do that. (Because all of us all shaven) I'd text my daughter and she said she throw all of her underwear away about 3 months ago. I need to go to the store and buy one of those full underwear for a cheerleader, black. She'd called me and was very upset that she had to wear some. I felt her, because I know, I don't wear any too and don't have any. I'd told her when she was done with her proformance, take them off. It's only about a hour and half long. They have a game, so I'll be there this afternoon to see her proformance.
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It's always better too not wear underwear. I stop a few months and never looked back since.

To bad society is so hung up about nudity in America. It should be your choice to expose part or all of your body naked. Be proud of your body. Share your natural beauty as much as possible. I enjoy seeing the natural naked masterpieces God created the way Adam and Eve first were, without clothes. There was no shame.

Yesterday morning my daughter came downstairs and me and my husband was in the kitchen. She had on almost see through blouse on.If you stare enough you can see her areoles and the small nipple bumps coming from the shirt. What caught my eye was her clevlage that had my looking. Then i looked down to see her very mini dress on. She walked passed me and her cheeks were out by and inch. I said her name and she quickly turned around. Her dress lifted up. It was lighter than air. Her kitty was in full view. I asked if she was going to school like that. She said it was like her cheerleader skirt and it was the fade to wear these. I asked that short and with no underwear. She said that dress was the fad but they wear underwear with this skirt. She said most girls dont wear underwear with anything else and if they do, it is a string so if they bend over people know they have underwear on. That reminded me of the times i saw other women with no panties on. One time i went to the hardware store. I went down to get garbage bags. A woman worker was stocking up the very bottom shelf. I was about to walk pass her and her jeans was half way down her butt. Nothing. Another time i was coming home from my kids school. A couple was on a bike ahead of me. The girl was holding her man and her jeans were showing about 4 inches of butt crack. I asked her if she was planning to show the school her body. She said it is chilly in the school. She was planning to only wear light hoody that is long enough to go pass her butt like she did before. She is going to wear that hoody with her outfit. She said besides if someone sees her, it would be her friends that already saw her before. She turned and walked away. All i saw was her dress staying up from the breeze from walk and her bare butt. She grabbed her coat by the door and put it on. Now the dress stayed down and she walked out. Im glad she didnt only wear that jacket like she said before. I know we all prefer not to wear clothes but being in public like that, that is different. If she was at home, going to a friend/family house with only a jacket, i wouldnt say anything.

I'm a guy I always wanted to do that but I'm to shy to even talk to people let alone go naked I don't wear underwear though under my denim leggings and I don't wear socks

This morning, she rushed downstairs screaming that she was about to be late and she missed the school bus. I saw her running and her ultra thin dress was thrown up on her waist because she was running. She stopped in front of me and I'd asked "You are not going to wear that, are you?" She asked what is wrong. I said that her ***** was exposed when she ran and I can see her breast through that paper thin dress. She laughed and said that was most comfortable dress and she was running late. She grab her shoes and slipped them on. She said " Come on, you have to take me to school!" I said I had nothing on and she had to wait. She said there was no time and we can make it went the bus arrives at the school if we leave now. I grab my purse in the kitchen and we drove off. She said I can drop her off at the far corner parking lot of the school, since they will close a portion of the parking lot off for the buses coming in. I had the car and anyone could see me. I just lowered myself. I put my hair across my shoulders to help. All went well when I dropped her off.Then I was trying to exit a car honk and stopped next to me. I couldn't move due to the traffic. The car was on the passenger side. A woman rolled down her window and show the sign to roll mine down too. I did and she said "Remember me? Your gym buddy. Why did you stop coming to the gym?" I thought about it a little and remember she was my workout buddy early last year. I rather workout nude at home and spend more time with my friends and family more because I can be naked around them all the time. I said hi and she scooted up and her eyes opened. I knew then. The cars moved and I stopped at the end of the parking lot were no one was at. A minute later, her car creeped up next to mine and she got out and walked to my door. I rolled down my window. She'd looked at me and asked why I was totally naked out here. I said that I live nude and my daughter was late and had no time to put any clothes on. I explain that I usually nude driving or going to my friends or family house nude. I tried to be nude as possible and only go places I can. I get dress when I have too. She said she really didn't care if I was nude or not. It was a big shock. She always wanted to do this but never had the nerve. Then she told me that our woman's club was under new management and they are totally ran by women and more dedicated for the womens health and needs. They even extended the club. She said that they have yoga classes. They seal off the class and the instructor said that she always practice her yoga nude. She said the gym said it was ok as long as they stay in the closed room. She took off her top and said if anyone is offended they can leave. She said in time, she will get undress little by little so her students are used to her nude. And if anyone wants to lose their clothes, they can. Just have your own mat. About 3 months, the instructor always does her classes nude. I said "What...." I was thinking I left there so I can spend more time nude with people and I could of did it there. She said "SInce you like being nude all the time, that's right up your alley." I said I had to go, knowing that I was nude in the car. I told her I will call to get the times and we could take a class together. I left. I'd called her at home a hour later. She told me the website and I saw the instructor's picture. She look like that woman from that commercial with that machine that she said that she is the toughest trainer. I said we can go today about 5. (I will post the rest when I get home. It will be title under a new one, so it will fit the story.)

Last night, my daughter and I went to the mall to hang out. We was in the women's department. We were looking at all the nice panties and stuff. She picked up a few panties that had a very thin string on them. I said that she doesn't wear any panties and is she considering to wear some now because they are cute. She said she rather not to have any on. If she did had some on it would be just the string so it wont hide nothing. Only to show people that you have underwear on under your clothes. But she didn't care if people know if she didn't have on underwear or not. I said she can still have fun and try them on. She grab a few and went to the dressing room. A lady came up and asked me if I needed help. I said no then she asked if I needed to be measured for I bra. I didn't get measured for a bra for years. I didn't wear one for about 16 years now. She took me to the dressing room and told me to take off my top off so I can be exposed to her. I'd told her I wasn't wearing nothing under my coat. She'd laughed and I said I was seroius. I said I'm always naked or wear a coat. She'd pause and I took of my coat.I stood there in the middle of the room with only my heels on. Then my daughter came out.She'd asked me what I was doing because I was naked standing in front of a woman. I said I was going to get sized up. Then the lady asked my daughter if she wanted to get sized up too. My daughter took off her coat and layed it on the counter on top of mine. Now we both are standing there naked. My daughter had those brown leather boots on that those teanagers like that goes up to their knees. The lady ask us if we ever wear clothes. I said "unless we have too." She sized us up as people were walking pass every few minutes. I am 36E and she is 34D. She asked if she would get some sets and come back. We waited at the counter. She left and gave us several sets. We tried them on and she said that we could go to a booth. I said we fine trying them on here. People complimenting on the different sets. I remember a set that was just a string and didn't cover up nothing and the bra only held up the breast but was cut so the breast can hang out. I'd explained that to the lady to getto have my daughter to try it on. She couldn't figure waht I was talking about. She stepped out and I'd followed. She turned around while we in the aisle and looked at me. She said she taught I'd put my coat back on, but I didn't. I'd looked around and no one could tell I was nude out here. The aisle were high and full. I'd found the set and went back in the room. She tried it on and said it was cute. But she'd admited she rather just to be nude and wear nothing. I said I didn't blame. We'd put our coats on and deceided to go home. I'd put my coat on but didn't zip it up. I'd left opened. We walked out. I had my hands in my pockets so if someone might be looking I would close it. We was about to walk outside. It was dark now about 10 om. We saw the outside door and she asked me as soon as we go outside could she take off her boots and coat and put them in the bag and walk to the car. She want to experience what I did - to walk nude in the mall. She wanted me to do it to. I'd looked around and noticed that we were at end of the with very little people are at. We were on the other side of the mall from the movies and entertainment. All we saw was about 15 cars and the woodline. We was in between the doors and I'd sat down on the bench and put my heels in the bag, , then stood up and put my coat in the bag. I saw a few people heading our way slowly from the inside. I'd told her to hurry up. She took off her boot and coat and put them away. I'd told her she should always act normal if she is nude and don't try to be running or sneaking behind stuff like we see other people do. A few people saw us inside and waited as we walked outside. We walked to the car. I'd looked back and saw several people standing at the door watching us. We'd pulled away and my daughter said that she loves feeling of being in public. The freedom. She wishes to be nude anywhere. I'd laughed and said that won't happen for awhile.Then she said if she ever get alot of money, she would buy an island and clothes would be forbidden on it. I said I would move there. We walked in and my husband greeted us at the door. He asked where was her coat or clothes at. I said that she didn't like to wear clothes unless she had to. Then she said she made up her mind that she would only wear clothes to school. Any other place, she will be nude or wear a coat. Then my husband looked at me said that I'd influenced her. I said everyone knows she is nude all the time, why hide it. If she goes somewhere, we all know she would take off her clothes because all of her family and friends are used to her nude. He'd shrugged and walked off. I said to her "Are you satifised now, you can be nude more often." She said" To bad I can't go to school, the mall and everywhere without putting on clothes" I'd laughed and said" You can't have everything. Maybe in 60 years from, they would ok to walk around nude. Some countries do already." She was wlking away and I'd asked her "So you are sure you don't want underwear, even for emergencies." She said "I rather not have any. If something happens I prefer not to have none on anyway. And try to buy me any." She finally made up her mind up. She even told me when her friends (male or females) jokes about their underwear, she admits she never wear any, even with a micro skirt on.

how old is she?

The VP called to have a meeting with me. I was at her office at 10 am. She wanted to talked to me about 2 things that shewas concerned alittle. She askd if she can take my coat. I'd took off my coat and gave it to her. She stood and stared at my naked body. She said I still love being nude. I'd asked her if she still loves it too. She said that she does but she doesn't wear nothing under her dresses and nude sometimes at home. She'd walked over to the hook by the door and hung my coat up. I only had my heels and purse. We sat down and started to talk. We mostly talk how I only wear a coat or nothing when I go somewhere. There was a knock on the door and the VP answered it. It was my daughter and she sat next to me. She smiled and I smiled back. The VP sat down and said that there were two things that they need to talk about. She said first wa about her freedom. Some teachers were complaining/stateing that they keep seeing her ***** or breasts. For example: One day, she had a tank top on that only went to her belly button. While the kids were studing, she'd brushed her shirt and her shirt folded over her breast. Her nipple was out for awhile and the teacher had to walk over and tell her. The other students were looking down and did not see her. A few other times, she wear a very small mini dress that she can't cover her *****. The VP pointed at my daughter and said like now. I'd looked over and my daughter's legs were closed but her dress couldn't cover her *****. Then she went on and said one time her science teacher saw her ***** from the rear because she was only wearing a tshirt. My daughter said that her bottoms got torned from the locker and she couldn't wear them. Her shirt was long enough to cover her butt. Her teacher said that she'd dropped something and bend over and her shirt went over her waist. I said to the VP "I know you have even worst cases with other girls." She said "Yes, but not with the same ones over and over again." She'd talked to her teachers and explained that my daughter is a normal girl but loves to be nude. She really don't clothed unless she is at school an give her some space. She is not trying to be a hooker or something. Her teachers understood and was worried that she align that way. The VP asked if she could alittle more covered up, like putting putting a scarf across her lap or not waiting to be the last one to get dress in the locker room and walking around nude without covering up. We'd agreed and she start saying about the second thing. It was her grades. She was slipping and thinking that she needs to slow down on the extra activites at school to focus on her grades. I'd agreed. My daughter went back to class. I'd stood up and the VP gave my coat back. I'd put it back on and thanked her. I'd left. As soon as I got to my car door, I'd took off my coat and got in.

That night, my husband was talking with his work friends about seeing a video about a naked woman going through a drive thru. He'd admitted that he wanted me to do that. He said I can take the truck so they won't see me. They would just see the top of my chest and arms. They would think I had a low top onor something. I said I would think about that. He said he would go with me and I drive so they wont see all of me.

To follow up on this. That afternoon, I went to the game to see her cheer. It was drizzling and rained hard off and on. So I'd put on my longer coat, to me knees and leather boots (to my knees) and an umbralla, that's it. I really hate clothes! It is bad enough I had to put on a coat. So I'm on the bleachers and watching her, she did great. She had those black shorts on. When they were done they sat on the bleachers, on the end. She quickly sat up at took off her underwear. She was wearing those really short and loose cheerleading skirts. That skirt hardly covered the bottom of her butt cheeks. The cheerleaders went to the snack bar and she walk with her hand on her hip to keep her skirt down. At home, I'd asked her if she even have a bra. She said she threw every piece of underwear out. She wears tighter clothes to make it up. I'd asked her if she was at school all day with that skirt on. She said yes but she held her skirt down. I can see that there was no way to cover up her ***** when she sat down. The skirt was too short to sit on. She said the desk's table cover up her lap at school. I'd reminded her not to show her ***** around. She said the only people would see it were her friends that came over before and they all got naked. They would stretch and they would see it because her legs was open or in the locker room. She said that she was walking to her friends house. She went upstairs and come back down with only a shirt on. Her ***** was showing alittle. She dashed out the door and as she walked the shirt rode up to her waist. Atleast she wasn't completely naked like last time.