Wearing underwear is just horrible, it's itchy tight and makes your downstairs really sweaty and that's why I quite wearing them last year my life now is just so much better. I means that my **** is free to bounce around as much as it wants all day long it also means it gets lots of fresh air which means I'm no where as hot down there as I was before and the best advantage of them all is better access non of this fafing about with an extra layer
As far as sleeping goes I also made to decision to start sleeping naked at the same time which was just the best decision of my life I wake up way more refreshed sometimes with a bit of a hard on that my girlfriend soon takes care of haha but life is just so much better now
If you don't do any of these I highly advise you make the change now!
Kwasnidj01 Kwasnidj01
22-25, M
Aug 23, 2014