What Happened to the Thought That Counts

Remember when someone would knit a blanket or a gift.  or made something special from their heart.  I'm sick of greedy brides and materialistic people registering for all expensive material things.  When are we as people going to say enough.  enough greed.  enough materialism.
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Because of Bridezillas and Groomzillas......lol

I don't ever do the registry thing - I buy what I can afford, fits the occassion, and is nice. If they don't like it, then don't invite me!! LOL

oh coffe girl, I know what it is like to be bullied into doing stuff. especially when it comes to families. I was engaged in 1999. my boyfriend had a stag and everything, I decided not to go through with the wedding. boy was everyone mad! instead we live in sin with our bastard children by the beach!

It's sad but people do care more about materialism than people's feelings. I am very grateful for whatever I have, I do not desire more if I have to give up who I am or what I believe in. Kriten, I'm sorry your heart is broken, one day believe me, your husband will be sorry he didn't value your special heart because he will never be able to find another one like yours.

You're right too, it's about the name. The same people that invite you to these things only invite you to things where there is a gift involved, or a pampered chef party so they could get more crap for their homes. I think people need to start loving mother earth more!

and i couldn't agree more with what you're saying!!!

When I've been going into stores where brides or new moms let us know they're registered, I get a registry that is about 10 pages or more with all expensive stuff on it. What I am saying is my opinion is that people don't need all of this crap. When will we get back to just the basics? I just had a baby and I registered for nothing..I got alot of second hand things and I was very grateful. Some others made me blankets which were beautiful. Stores like Babies r us are a big materialistic racket. I wish we had a world that valued people more than things is all I'm saying.

I can certainly understand the concept of a registry - to create a list of needs and desires accompanied by taste. but ... WHY!??! I ask do so many seem to 'shame' or 'guilt' you into spending your hard earned $$ on something from an overrated store when it could have either been hand crafted or something similar purchased at a reasonable price elsewhere? And NO, it isn't even a question of quality! It's the 'name' on the item. disgusting...<br />
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I suppose I could go as far as to say that I found myself being antisocial for the first time in life when there came an enormous and never ending flux of weddings, babies, graduations, etc. Each person wanting you in attendance - some of them you have no notion why they wanted you there and you're only left to think it's the gift they truly desire rather than your company since you barely know them and they you.<br />
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You're right! ENOUGH is ENOUGH people!

I don't think that brides always register because of materialistic reason: oftentimes people ask where they are registered. I don't think the registry card should be sent with the invitation, but having a registry is not always a sign of materialism. The registry can also give a sense of what the tastes of the new couple are, and give ideas as to what the bride may like. I don't think that it is a demand that you get the couple something from the registry. I do realize that there are several people who go above and beyond the letting people know if they ask approach, to the point of bullying guests into getting them something from the registry. I hope that isn't the norm though :-

OH, SO TRUE! That's why I DON'T buy a gift from where someone is registered! I can find something just as unique or in quantity ( like for baby showers) at Wal-Mart as compared to Famous or some limitted mall shop. And that's exactly what people are doing to themselves when they register: Limiting Themselves! But if I feel pressured, I'll give them money and a card! I can garentee you they WON'T be spending it where they registered! lol