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I'll like to say I don't hate weeaboos; I just get annoyed by some. My story begins in 11th grade, keep in mind I don't look nothing like an Asian, I was in calculus class drawing sengoku basara characters (I love their games) when suddenly I felt someone breathing near my neck. I turned around only to be greeted by two girls I didn't talk to. They just grabbed my notebook and started looking through the pages and tore some of my drawings out; I was furious so I pulled my notebook away from them; they told me I was a rude moe (?) Japanese girl. I was taken back by this and told them I wasn't Japanese or even Asian; this for some reason upset them and they lecture me of how people who aren't proud of their Japanese culture **** them off. I just stood there and stare at them confuse; after a couple of minutes I notice they have yet to returned a few of my drawings so I asked them to give them back. They said no that my drawings no belong to them and pushed me I grabbed one of the girl's hand and try to prey one of my drawings away. The other girl shouted something that sounded like a war scream and ripped the drawings that she had and walked away with her friend calling me some rude ( I assume) names in Japanese. All I want is an apology for this! It was beyon disrespectful! I have met other weeaboos some are creepy and sorta of perverted and some are rude and disrespectful but some are just nice people who just enjoy anime and Japanese culture.
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Gah, that's terrible! And stealing tour work no less! Not all weebs are like that, though, you just had the misfortune to run into some brain function - impaired jerks!

Hi, I am now studying in Japan for a student exchange program.
Since the time I arrived here, I have never seen any Japanese acting so obnoxiously, so yeah, I hate weeaboos who are actually just contaminating Japan's name everywhere. It's a beautiful country, too bad the fans aren't always so.

well it's odd for me, i'm a japanese, who loves westernized way of art and culture, how odd's that. i'm not much fan of anime or manga reader, because i love western indie comics. especially Power's "who killed retro girl" and my artworks all involves non anime stuff, it's mostly america's 1970s retro style, i portray myself as a tall and agile, time traveling Disco dude, with the signature afro hair of the 70s of course, although i'm really born in the 90s.

hey i'm a japanese half-breed, but certainly i have more interest in the westernized art and cartoons, i'm not really a fan of anime, not like my classmates in Multimedia Arts, who are so hooked up with anime. me? on the other hand love the western art of the USA, not basically marvel or DC, but the Independent Artists is my main interest and of course Time Travel, Back To The Future

my sketchpad's has westernized drawings, of course myself being portrayed as a tall, afro-asian Disco Dude of the 70s (i love the idea of alter egos,) see that profile, that's me, carrying my fictional gal Quinn Young Girl. yes only a few japanese are interested in western art and culture, like me

I love all art from different cultures. I think it's important to keep an open mind and admire the beauty art gives us. Independent artist are very talented and aren't bound by norms which is why their work is at times more interesting. Thank you for liking our art. ^^

Hi, I can see I'm late to this story but I just clicked on your profile and read it. I don't like weeaboos either. But it's because usually they feel like everything that comes from Japan is automatically superior. One scrub actually told me he wished Japan won World War 2. I was like what the ****?

Any who have this annoying video that I bookmarked. I watch it sometimes when I'm having a bad day and think to myself "Could be worse, could be a weeaboo".


And here's an extra one, It's a bit long. It'll most likely make you upset. So that's your warning lol.


Lol I watched them both. XD thank you for linking them to me.