Why These People Get Under My Skin

I really started hating these guys about two years ago now its a full time thing. They have started a slow decline to protesting not just scared things but anything! I guess if protesting someone who gave you the right to protest wasn't enough they are starting to picket Lady Gaga, movie actors funerals, Justin Bieber, andcomic-con( that one really gets on my nerves as i am a comic fan). These people need a hug and some therapy.
Fred Phelps is an attention *****. He needs people to look at him. his family, mainly Sheri... can't get her name down too painful), shares his love of media attention. They have used songs from the people they hate to spread that message. Megan Phelps has parodied Lady Gaga and MJ.
They think Fred Phelps is God, but he's not he's doesn't know what God thinks.

They're like Macavity from cats! so annoying
MadeHartt MadeHartt
18-21, F
Jul 17, 2010