No Negative Programming

First of all there are members of this group which can be found all over Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska not to mention
the Baptist churches in those states. 

What I dislike about all Baptists; they are always negative and finding fault in people for being human(they like to use sex for some reason), they don't know how to praise someone for a job well done, know nothing about the teachings of the Buddha, teach others Master Budda was a heretic, are tied up in politics only to engage in bigotry, treachery, sabotage, slander and defamation (over others) which are all classified as sin according to their own Bible. Of course conveniently they use the Bible to proclaim to others they are living in sin. They use the Bible only to find fault in and condemn others (those whom disagree with them become a Beast foretold by Revelations), proclaim the end of the world is near which they have gotten it wrong every time in history (William Miller, Joseph Smith). Historically many Christian followers (Baptists) sold their property and possessions, quit their jobs and prepared themselves for the end of the world. Of course nothing happened; the next day came and went as it always will. They ignore their own personal vices and blame others for their own personality defects. Consider arts like Tai Chi, Reiki and Feng Shui works of evil and so claim that as proof the end of the world is near. My biggest complaint with Baptists are they cannot realize there are other people in the world whom are nothing like they are like the Chinese who see the Dragon as a icon of good luck. This is the main reason their religion and politics are now in decline and their church attendances are down in a modern world society. How's that for a lesson in hypocritical theology 101. One must divorce themselves from this type of heresy and I am happy to say Buddhism has truth and no negative programming. 
LaoNaturalist LaoNaturalist 51-55 Apr 23, 2012

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