Westboro Is Insane!

Every time I think of this so called church, I feel like punching a wall. They make me so dang mad!! I've seen about 19 videos about their little cult, and it truly shocks me. I just don't understand how they can believe in all of that bullshit. Don't they realize that if the whole world is against them, that there must not be any logic to what they say? But overall, I truly feel bad for them. They have been brainwashed by Fred Philips. He has drilled corruption into his children's brains, and they have done the same to theirs and they will do the same.
The world is beginning to advance from racism, prejudice, and hate. But their insane rantics are slowing down the process of peace.
Their are many videos about their protests. And the sensible people who protest them. When watching this, I feel like holding up a sign and joining the reverse protesters. Westboro is not a church. They are a cult that spreads their deceitful lies and bigotry. They speak of damnation, as if the world is headed that way, but in reality, it is they who are headed for damnation.
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2 Responses Jun 10, 2012

Yes, it is a cult. It's just one of the many centered around a false god.

Some may not understand all of which I have said, but the main point of my story is that Westboro is a cult that spreads lies and misery