My Mom Has Taken Drugs For As Long As Ive Known Her.

Even before I was born, my mom couldnt get enough of the stuff. Im not exactly sure what shes all done, but it includes crack, heroin, weed, and maybe meth. To me, its all the same: She spent money on drugs more than she spent money on us. I never noticed it until I was about 14 years old when my dad finally told me about them, and then I was just like "Oh well, its not like she left me or anything for drugs, at least i wasnt a messed up child. She's not so bad." Boy was I mistaken. A few years after that, we went to mississippi, and im pretty sure ive explained how that went in my other stories. What I didnt explain was what happened to my mom after she left. She couldnt put down the pipe. She was rehabilitized twice before getting kicked out of my house for taking my grandfathers rhumatoid medication and alchohol to move in with my uncle, where she was then kicked out for being an annoying ***** and had no choice but to live on the streets of Seattle for over a year. I am dead serious. A year of not even being wanted or accepted by her own family. Finally, it was last December when we took her in again for a month. She was very well behaved, but my grandmother (who I live with) thought it was best to rehabilitize her one last time, and for good. Mom agreed and has been in rehab ever since. Its a nice place with friendly people. Somehow though, she fell off the wagon recently and got her hands on some stuff. I thought I trusted her. I thought she was finally going to be there for me and my 11 year old sister after years of shaky parenting. I was wrong to trust her, I suppose. Im going to visit her tomorrow for the fist time since she fell off the wagon. I hope I dont stay angry at her, but i have been known to forgive people too easily, especially her.
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My mom was an addict for 20 years and got clean. She still wrestles with pills and is permanently paranoid but I know how it feels and can sympathize. Hopefully she finds her way, I wish the best to the <br />
both of you.