Again And Again And Again

I love this guy, and he says he loves me too. we hang out and cuddle but he has a girlfriend. i know i am better than this, but i cant help it, i like him so much.
Tyler Tyler
1 Response Dec 1, 2006

He is not doing anything to you. You are choosing this relationship. What is more important to you? Being with someone who gives of himself 100% or being with this guy and only getting half of his love? For him to stay with the other woman shows that you are not important enough to give himself fully. You are important enough. You just have to decide what is acceptable in your relationships. Don't think that you are not good enough or that there is not someone out there who will cherish you or love you completely. I have been exactly where you are and it just comes down to only excepting the best in your life. Even if you have to be alone for a while until that person comes along. They will!!