They Poison People Into Believeing They Know What Everyone Wants To See And Hear.

Personally myself I don't always like the guys that women ''should'' be attracted to. If they got a crappy personallity I don't care what they look like or how much money they have. I like down to earth people. I don't see someone on the outside ever. I was judged way to much on those matters and would never do it to anyone. I use to think, ''I can't help they way I was born looking.'' Media makes everyone look like plastic figures. They are TO perfect. I thought about Stone Sours video ''Through the Glass'' when I wrote that. Good example of how I feel. I never have ever wanted to impress society and I don't think I'm going to start trying now either. I just think it's wrong making the world feel they should have to improve themselves.
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I definitely agree. The media tries to make us think that we need to change ourselves and our image to please society. We are influenced to think that we need to impress society with our looks in order to be accepted. This feeling of not being able to impress society makes people especially young girls take drastic measures like over exercising, eating disorders, and thinking they need plastic surgery. The media makes us think that we need to do all these things to try and make our body to be what they think is "perfect." It isn't right making the world feel this way because everyone is different and it is what they're like on the inside that matters. Judging others based on how they look isn't going to stop, but if the media didn't push this image of a "perfect" person there might not be as many negative images about how women should look.

I know what you mean. Everyone tells me I'm always dating girls "under my league," or whatever...<br />
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I just come back at them strong, "**** YOU! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" Everyone tells me, "you could do so much better." I just think, "by whose standards are they better?"<br />
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but I've been thinking about that, recently...see I built-up my last girlfriend up so much over our 8 month relationship she ended up breaking up with me, another professes her "UNDYING LOVE" for me, I end up in a new relationship with the last wants me back and is CRUSHED that I'm with somebody new!!<br />
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In other words, don't worry about it :)

You sound like a cool dude. I love the attitude to. And you're right, don't worry about it.=)