At First...

you cannot believe there will ever be other ideals than the one you grew up with. Lately it was straight hair and huge ankle shoes. Well, there will be the next trend and suddenly all will be upside down. Ask me, I have had enough of it. First ideal the media hammered into us was frizzy huge hair. After that the ideal became simple, cubistic and mousey grey as much as possible. You torture healthy hair to be like on Nick or Disney Club or whatever it may be today... You can only fail. By the time you have what the commercials told you it will be the last thing according to the same- and in worst case you will feel lost and angry.

Just don't. Look at the people on the streets. You can let media keep you little on full purpose. Or you can set your own standard. Over time you will have to find your own style anyway. So much as ten years will pass like weeks and for this adventure your one and only life time you will need an identity. You will appreciate waking up at thirty or fourty and see you exactly the way you are comfortable with.
"Well, and people?" I hear my younger self ask. :D Over time you will recognize how people like the ones who are at peace with themselves. The ones with personality. The ones who set their own standards.
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Jan 20, 2013