If You Dont ....

            have teeth whitening or veneers , have a gucci purse and wardrobe and look anorexicly  skinny ..  you arent  hot .. its even music these days ... So wrong ... and they wonder why eating d/o's run rampant in high schools these days ...
What happened to natural beauty of people ...
It really makes me sick ... when i look at these magazines ... ( which is why i dont buy them )it makes me feel like **** about myself ... and i get to thinking well if i wouldnt have started smoking , Drinking coffee , or done drugs ...  ya know i could possibly have these things .. Grrr
We need to make a magazine based on simplicity ...and being naturally beautiful ... teach the art of thrift store / yard sale shopping ...  show these girls you dont need a XOXO purse for 150.00  
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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2 Responses Jul 3, 2007

Right on......they airbrush women, who are like us in that they have to eat, grow old, wake up to flab...yet this society pushes us to deny the natural human element. I hate it. I'm job hunting now, have a VERY strong work ethic, tons of experience BUT I know my age is a factor...what a world. It takes a woman a lot of years to know herself, be comfortable, & then she's put down......... just love yourself!!! and anyone important in your life will love you more!!!

I FULLY agree... I believe you DON'T have to believe these things that they put in the fashion mags - that's just them doing their job of trying to make you buy more stuff! It is SLAVERY that they are trying to put over you! At least you are aware that its not right! Don't let them make you feel like Sh** - what right have they to do that? Only the right that you might give them!