Facebook is to much drama for me. I truly started getting God in my top priority list, so I thought I had to witness to everybody on Facebook, but that is got me in trouble. People that I went to school started to bash my Facebook. They were posting on my bible verses saying what do you think of us doing ungodly things and it war bad, I ignore it. Then I saw them speaking bad about me on their page and I was sticking up for myself, but people were attacking me. They always threatened me with cops and I do have harassment charge on me, so they won, but they lost because they mad a page about me and hate on me, but really got them was they put my personal information and that is against the law too. I would put things about why sex is for marriage, homosexuality is wrong, partying is wrong, drunks are wrong, drugs are wrong and it seemed like I was judgmental person, but I didn't mean to be that. I never told anybody to kill their unborn baby and I never said you are going to Hell because you had a baby before marriage. They said well she is getting us back for what we did to her in high school. They called me a hypocrite. They called me retarded. I have been teasing and bullied on Facebook, so I stay off. Now people are making up rumors about me saying that I said they are in a colt, I speak bad about religion and I speak bad about the church, but that is not true at all. You know by one there has been Atheists and Agnostics attacking me for my faith in God. I have had my sex life out on Facebook because she was seeking revenge on me for messaging her bible verses and that is it. I got blamed for saying mean things about Atheists, but never did that, so they attacked me for it. Stay off Facebook. Tell me about your experiences on Facebook.
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I feel for u

Can you believe this happens on here too?

I can BC people can be cruel

What do you think of the I Am Atheist now my name is the topic?

Cool but ur name gives off a different idea

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