People Bugging Me About Me Being Single.

I am single and been so for many years. In 2008, my relatives in Florida asked me if I am dating and I said no. Then they made a hoopla about it; saying that it was my fault because I don't use the law of attraction. I told them I can't help it if I go to clubs or restaurants and there are nothing but couples holding each other's hand. On top of that I am a single mother and it's hard to find someone who will be accepting of the fact that I have kids. Most men like a woman who is completely unattached. The discussion turned into a witchhunt in which they said that I was focus too much on my job and my replied was I don't see your sons dating women with kids or marrying them. Recently, my grandmother told me she had a dream in which an evil spirit told her that he wanted me to be alone and that I have been cursed. She told me to light a candle in the house. I love my grandmother, but I am not one to believe in dreams, superstition and all that other nonsense. I just cancelled all my online dating accounts because I got tired of meeting guys who want one thing. I will now go with the flow and just see what happens. What's meant to be is meant to be.

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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

What a great response, "my replied was I don't see your sons dating women with kids or marrying them." A great way to make your point.

Tell your family go screw themselves.Please live your life as feel it should be lived

I wish you luck my friend, you will soon find some one who will sweep you from your feet. Best of luck to you.