You Take Me Out To Lunch You Hang Out With Me I've Known You Forever You Disappear

This is a common occurance amongst that me and my best friend notice, I will explain my story; my neighbor from next door has lived there for 3 years. My mom would send her food as a good gesture. So me and this girl began talking, texting and we became good friends. We would text everyday she invited me over to dinner at her house. We went hiking and we would go to the mall and then suddenly the text got shorter and shorter and I would text her and she would take 5 hours to text, 3 weeks went by and she said "Oh your mom said to me that you thought I was mad at you, I'm texting you to let you know that I'm not!"

Mind you my mother told her this 3 days ago, and she finally got back to me 3 days later at 10:30pm. It bothered me because I had let her into my life told her a lot about me and thought we would be hanging out. I let her have it and told her how I felt, she said she felt really horrible and that wasn't the case. She was never upset or mad at me she had no reason to be. I told her, well when you seem all buddy buddy with someone and you begin to start a friendship and communication becomes less and less to the point where there isn't any wouldn't you think it the person was mad at you too? I just got tired of texting her "Hope your day is well, Hi How are you?" and ......... nothing.

I told her she wasn't obligated to text me and she said she feels very bad because it wasn't like that and she invited me to go to the movies with her (Which never happened) but now we are on terms that when I do text her she replies. She told me she thought I didn't want to talk to her and it was her own insecurities that made her stop texting me. Ok? Im thinking and even still after she told me that, is that she liked me and she tried to make advancements toward me and seen I wasn't flirting so she just seen me as a lost cause and gave up.

She told me she would tell her friend about me, which made me think when you tell your friend about someone you're usually interested in them. Now I text her and she replies but we don't hang out and if I don't text her she won't text me so I feel like I have to make an effort. I just put her in my "Hi how are you great have a good day" category of people who come in and out my life.

Second Story:

Okay I was at the Pharmacy which isn't far from my house and I came across a friend I haven't seen in years. (Who thought I lived in the same house I moved out of 5 years ago) We were chatting in the pharmacy and he asked me if I wanted a ride home, I said sure why not? So we were just sitting in his car talking he likes tea and so do I so I gave him a sample of my expensive TeaVana tea and we vibe we had a lot in common and he said to me "You have anything to do for the day?" I said no I was just planning on going in the house and relaxing" He said let's go for a ride and I said ok. We went to the beach and we actually had so much in common I was pretty surprised, we liked a lot of the same things and he offered to buy me lunch which I told him I was fine and I wasn't hungry but he insisted I go with him because he was hungry, so I said okay.

So, we went to a Mexican food place and he wanted me to eat he said he wanted me to try something and as he was paying for the food I reached to get my wallet to pay and he told me no. So we ate and he gave me a ride home and I told him to text me because he needed to fax something to his doctor and I could have done it at home if he didn't make it to his friends house in time to do it. I felt like wow a real friend who has something in common with me I was extremely happy because we actually planned on doing some fun things. My phone was dead and I figured he texted me already so when my phone turned back on I didn't get a text.

So I was like ok? Maybe he forgot to save my number? So I logged onto Facebook (reactivated my facebook) sent him a friend request and sent his brother a friend request he has yet to accept my request and I messaged his brother asking him for his number gave it a day or two and nothing. It really pissed me off because when you say your going to be my friend and make plans with me BE MY FRIEND!!!!!

My friend has it a lot worst my problem is people don't read their Facebook private messages. People read her messages and ignore her and don't text her back, it really hurts her feelings and makes her cry because she thinks something is wrong with her, I told her I have the same problem with people, broken plans, and I feel like Facebook is to blame because people say "Yea we will hang out" NEVER HAPPENS because everything is Facebook now! Does anyone go through a similar situation as me or my friend?

Whats wrong with people?!
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I have had this happened to me but it was always lame excuses. And to be completely honest- I too have done this. I love having friends but I am also a loner. It isn't what anyone does to me that causes me to stop texting/hanging out or whatever-it is truly me. I tend to take a break from people and it's how I have always been and I can't explain why. I'm lucky to have friends that understand that about me and some of them are the exact same way. I'm not making excuses for me or anyone else, but I do hope you can understand just a little more?
Anywho, I enjoyed your story and it puts loads into perspective. Thank you for sharing. :]

Your welcome, I just value my friendships and I want my friends to stay in touch every week or month not every season. =D

Hahah well, I can say I am not that tardy, I understand!