Best Friend Changed

I hate when you think you know someone but you know nothing. You think they are going to be by yourside forever and again you know nothing. I have my best friend hadnt seen him in 2 months and he came over tonight. for the first time ever it was akward. he wasnt the same. it makes me want to cry. You think they wont ever change but he did. and it hurts me alot.. i guess its back to country music because all i can think about is him now and country music reminds me of him because of how much of a country boy taht he is.
starfire17 starfire17
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

At first I wish to say that I'm sorry that you are unhappy.
I think It's a natural thing that people change in any aspect of their being more or less over the time, and two month without your friend is a very long time (friendship is a dynamic system). It's not a problem as long as if you live together all the time. I think, you can only try to prevent it if you never let your friend alone for more than two days (I know, sometimes it isn't so easy to do so).
To hear that music will hurt you anytime. So, I recommend you to hear other music.
I hope you will become happy again soon.