It Makes Me Sad....

It really makes me sad when the GOOD people Leave Ep. My Big sister, Ladybell, has decided to leave Ep. She doesn't know if and when she will come back, and it makes me very sad, because a LOT of us need her, and weather or not she wants to admit it or not, She needs Ep. She needs this place, it was her outlet, it was her place to come and vent about things, and come and do what she needed to do, but now she is not here, and it makes me oh so sad.

Another member, that I was extremely close to, has up and decided to take a break, for reasons unknown. She is an amazing woman, and I don't understand, why people feel the need to hurt her, and attack her, and call her a fake. I have no way to get into touch with her outside of EP, so I am playing it by ear, and hope that one day soon, she will come abck to Ep, that is all we, and all I can hope for.

I just wish all the ****** up people, and the people who use this place to hurt others, and to scam others, and to play their stupid little games, and the trolls who come here, to cause drama, and the people who use this site, to hide behind a name, to hurt others, would just ******* leave Ep already. Have the good people stay, and the others Leave!

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Jul 13, 2010