Pee Pee In The Toilet (a Poem For The Boys)

In the bathroom, in the bathroom

In the bathroom you go

to make a poo poo or a pee pee

but you never aim for the hole

cuz when i sit down on the toilet

i get pissed off because of you

cuz i get pee all on my butt

so dont deny it i know its you

I know it seems hard but its not

to just lift up the toilet seat

i have cheerios you can aim for

great! now theres pee on my damn feet

in the bathroom in the bathroom

in the bathroom you go

Take a pee pee or a poo poo

but can you please aim for the hole

now when you go pee from now on

think of the poem that i wrote

cuz i hate pee on my butt

it makes me angry and thats no joke.

So i write this for the all the men

who pee on the seat and on the floor

just aim you pee in that circle

Thats what John Harrington made toilets for.


amimichal84 amimichal84
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Ha ha, very good!

I am the only guy in a house of 5 so I have learned my lesson.