Stroke And Stroke Yet Can Not Leave A Tribute

Now you know why this group is in Mature.

The first time I did a photo tribute ******** was my subject. I love the picture I came on. But... it took days. i thought my **** would fall off. Finally, after admitting failure (how embarrassing)  she wrote to me and calmed me down and I left a very nice (if I do say so myself) video tribute and posted still excerpts here.

Then there was *********. I had so much trouble making her tribute that she lost her patience with me and said "What a wimp. You are the first man to ever , not ***, My *** should make it spew. You suck. " But finally, I was able to leave a tribute for her, too.

But, I am out of the tribute business. MistressP says I need Her permission to leave a tribute. And I am not going to ask Her for permission to share the *** She owns with another woman. You can ask Her if you want, but i am not about to do that.

Oh, what an embarrassing thought. What if somebody did ask Her and She gave permission: "Slave so-and-so want a tribute, be sure it includes a picture of you licking the *** I own off of her butt/*****/****." Or worse, What if She said "So-and-so wants you to make a tribute for him. You have my permission, if you include a picture of my slutty slave licking the *** I own off of so-and-so's ****" Gad, that would be embarrassing, humiliating.
That sounds like a stroke and stroke and no success situation if ever I heard of one.

MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
70+, M
Jul 28, 2010