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I seem to open my mouth and not be able to shut up. Most of time I'm thinking....o god! I didn't just say that! I don't mean little comments. I mean loud offf the hook truthful comments that have made me wonder if I will be fired from job. Lol. At least I don't lie!
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Shunning is PUNISHMENT.

I like people that dont lie... In fact I am radical in the amount of truth that I speak. Not a hundred precent.... But close.

If you did that while I was around, I would immediately turn you over my knee and make you count out ten hard lashes. You would learn quickly to hold your tongue.

Its not that I'm rude and just blurt out with whatever...people irritate me and I reply when they are especially on my nerves. But in all ttruthfulness, I love being spanked...so that would not serve ur purpose. But would serve mine!

You had me at "I love being spanked"

Ohhhh, you thought that was a spanking i was talking about. I see.

And what kind were u talking?

I was thinking of using a cane and whipping you ;)

Why a cane?

So that you would learn to hold your tongue!
Would that be too much for you?

No...wouldn't be to much but still don't sound like a fun thing...

It was more of a discipline thing for a sub to learn her place. Not all D/s is about fun. But if fun is your goal, then a hand spanking can be a lot of fun, and likely to induce warm feelings in multiple places ;)

I know that some actions may be dealt with by punishment...but a cane? that's alittle extreme (I'm thinking) ...?

Probably...but I respond 2 others as they talk to me. if rude, I'm more rude wirh my reply. if nice my reply is nice and sincere.

You are right it can be be extreme. And to be honest I have never caned anyone.

Then why talk about it?... Would you ca e a girl ? Would u feal guilt? You should not DO anything that ilicets guilt...

I would cane a girl if she deserved it and accepted it. Not all can be taught but those who truly want to change their behavior will accept the punishment as a harsh reminder and will remember in the future to keep their mouths shut. There I'd time and place for everything.

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