My Dad Doesn'T Listen Nor Cares

I love my dad to death but I just wish he would listen to me; usually I don't say how I feel to anyone except for my mom or best friend but when I talk to my dad he would make smartass remarks or intterupts me so he doesn't take our conversations seriously; he make think its silly to feel whatever I'm feeling but its not to me; he always tells me to tell him if there's something wrong if I feel down or whatever and he will listen; yeah right so far what I said he doesn't listen nor cares; the only ones he would listen to and cares about is his friends if they are having a problem; it just hurts that I try to pour my heart out to him and he does this **** to me; so I just gave up and bottled up my emotions when I'm around him and just talk to my mom or best friend only
wolfgirl2592 wolfgirl2592
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

my dads the same way i need help as well I'm sorry i couldn't help but if i do find a way all tell you cx

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