Human Trafficking.... And Hunter Colleges And Cuny.. And American Loser Jobs

I took this course in the Army called Human Trafficking..heavy security...lies.. and promisese...people making LONG TERM decisions with HIGH tech spy equipment and ALOT of security to CONTROL your PRIVATE life and ASSETS... its not as BAD as the OTHER guy... BUT I think its still a FORM of HUMAN trafficking..I call it SKELing.. like why do want to know WHO I am related to and why are so concerned with my ethnicity and PRIVATE tell you the truth I would liketo SUE you...90 percent of college is one BIG garbage can COURSE..if I was not getting a PELL grant or TAP ....I would never PAY for this TRASH...I could not even imagine pay 3000 dollars for a GARBAGE can course at NYU.
Igiveyounothing Igiveyounothing
41-45, M
Dec 9, 2012