The Foods Must Not Touch One Another, Or "don't Cross The Streams."

I hate it when the foods on my plate touch one another. I have had this extreme dislike since I was a child and honestly would be happiest with those divider plates they have in cafeterias or give to little kids. TV dinners were A-OK with me because they were perfectly segregated in their little separate aluminum compartments. I have a theory, of course. It's a control issue. When I was little, my mom and grandma would put food on my plate without ever asking me what or how much I wanted, totally taking away any control I had over what I ate and totally disregarding my likes and dislikes. Thanksgiving buffet with family every year was a nightmare until I was about 8 or 9 and was allowed finally to serve myself. I must have internalized this loss of control and autonomy and kept up the hypervigilance regarding what was on my plate so that it became more or less an obsessive compulsive disorder. I can rationalize it in my head all I want to, but I still can't talk myself into letting the foods on the plate touch.
elvisgirlie elvisgirlie
Dec 5, 2012