I Don't Need to Know All That.

My mom is the worst when it comes to this.  When she is telling me a story, she goes overboard and off track with un-needed detail. 

Like the other night, she said, "Guess who is having an affair on his wife?!?  It was on the front of my Intouch magazine, but I left it at work with Rita.  You know, that sweet old fat lady who cooks??  I just love her so much and she likes reading magazines."

Meanwhile, I'm sitting there screaming, "WHO?!?  WHO CHEATED ON THEIR WIFE!!!"

If I ask someone a question, I want that answer specifically.  I am not a patient person to begin with.  But that just drives me nuts.  I've seen some people's writings, people who are inspired to write short stories, but probably should have paid more attention in English class.  These stories are bursting at the seems with unecessary details.  Example:

Jenny tiptoed down the dark hallway, trying desperately to avoid the creaky spots.  The house was old, her parents had bought it shortly after they'd been married.  The reason they'd picked such an old house was that the real estate company had marked down the price, it was big, and it was down the street from where her mom lived as a child.

All those details about why the parents bought the house were completely unecessary.  When I see amateur writing like that I just want to tell the people, YOUR STORY HAS TOO MANY DETAILS!!!  Or when someone is telling me a story and gets out of control, like my mom does.

If I ask you what you think of the show wife swap, I don't need to hear about the first time your grandpa ever rode a bike!


urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Mar 13, 2009