The "type" Factor.

I have ALWAYS hated people who assume. Ever since I was younger. I was always assumed to be something they THOUGHT I was.
When I use to read on things that people found scary, they ultimately thought I was a freak and grow up as one of the things I read about. This ****** me off. Because you don't know the person well enough at all. So why the hell do you ASSUME things?. For one, it's not right. It shows you very little maturity despite your age. Two. You have very little intellect on society and other people around you if you think you know them already WITHOUT getting to know them a bit more.
You don't have to know the person well enough to assume. Assuming is bad either way. If a close friend was telling you they were taking some pills for their head, would you ASSUME they are a drug addict? Even though they have said they only took the one pill for their head in the first place?
Or would you pass it off as something to make them feel better?.
Assuming took place ever since I was four. My parents taught me never to assume. But when people do that back to you. It's a wonder if their own parents taught them about it to.
RivoltaSilenziosa RivoltaSilenziosa
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

I hear you. Most people impose their perceptions of others onto them, and believe these erroneous assumptions, without trying to find the truth of the who that person really is, or even a small aspect of who they are. I am all for truth.