A Smile Doesn't Mean ****.

So recently( two days ago) i broke up with my boyfriend, nd lately he hasn't been coming to school. 'm a freshman so I don't really talk to people outside of my circle #teamFreshman so me and my friend who is my ex boyfriends freind too talk a lot ( that's what we always do) He acts as an older brother but becuase he is the oposite sex theres is bound to be sexual tension there is esexual tension between most guys nd girls who are just friends. He picks me up to hug me (i'm really short) and when my ex isn't there i constantly talk to him. No strings attached. so today he made me laugh very hard. I was chessing and I couldn't get the smile off my face. So the ******* next to us (ex bestfriends) just asssumed i was dating him. What? ***** please! Get a life. How could I be in a relationship with my ex's bestfriend while wearing a No Boyfriend No problem shirt. It angered my soul. Do I have feelings for him HELL NO! that **** irratated me to the point i stopped talking. Kids can be so cruel. If they start a rumor I will be thought of as a ****. I don't need anymore of that ****. If they only knew they could be the ones to cause me to take my life.
15andhopefull 15andhopefull
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012