Dangerous And Annoying!

At almost all major intersections day or night there's always someone there with their sign weaving in and out of the traffic stopped at the light begging for money. Hey I could use more money too, though I really think this is tacky.

If people would stop giving them money they would GO AWAY! It's like everything has to be legislated in order to get people to stop acting stupid. If this person got hit by a car, it would be the drivers fault even though they were standing in the middle of the road.

I understand about being poor, hey I live in that condition myself. Though creating a dangerous traffic hazard I think is stupid and completely annoying. How do we know that at the end of the day they don't just walk down to the closest side street and jump into their jaguar and drive home to their mansion. You don't know. The other day I saw a guy chatting on his cell phone between begging. Well if he has enough money to pay for a cell phone, he doesn't need my money. I do without lots of stuff to get by, I'm not giving him a penny. I just think this is arrogant.

Then there's this guy who 'sells' bottled water. I guess he buys it for less and charges more. The salesguy at the intersection. I'd like to know where that water was before he handled it. Its a new twist on begging.

Then there's the group begging. Four to six people stand at each part of the intersections wearing matching outfits begging for a variety of 'causes'. What a racket. If I want to donate money to the cause I'm not going to give it to someone that 'says' the money would go to that cause. Uh, huh, sure. I'm not that stupid. It's organized begging. It's still annoying.

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My car is over 10 years old and the little money I earn is keeping it running. You never know, one day it may be my home. So you think I'm rich because I own a car, well that's an unusual point of view erwcat. <br />
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People judge me all the time about less dangerous activities. I never measure up, why should they get a free pass?

bs ppl who beg are in sadplace in their life<br />
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ur not poor if u have a car and pass judgment on ppl-that`s what rich folks love to do

You're very lucky destiney24.

Yeah, I read your story about it. Its dangerous and there's no guarantee the person begging is actually needy. Maybe I should put on my old clothes. Drive down to an intersection, park out of the way and beg. Since there's so many people that don't seem to mind handing their money to a stranger with a sign. I'd probably make more money risking my life in traffic then I ever did at a job.

That's what I'm afraid of, I don't want a cracked or scratched windshield, I'd rather it be dirty. <br />
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Thanks for your comment HappySailor.

I'll wash your car windows for a Manhattan rocks with 2 cherries....<br />
Go light on the bitters though, or I'll do a crappy job....<br />