I Could Be A Huge Jerk If I Didn't Feel Guilty About It..

I have this friend that has had a crush on me since I met him which was about 2-3 years ago. The whole time I have never really been interested in him like that and I don't even really like him as a person :/. I guess its pretty wrong of me to call him a 'friend' then. I just recently gave him my number at the beginning of this present school year for whatever reason.. and that was a mistake.. because its now our sole form of communication (he doesn't go to my school or anything so I don't see him all the time) but he texts me everyday/weekend asking me to hang out. I'm always giving him excuses why I can't.. basically just rejecting him in a polite way. He even asked me to MY school's prom.. not his.. and I rejected that. Now, that caused him to stop texting me for a good 2 weeks.. but he has started again. Its so annoying. The only time I ever agree to hang out with him is when our mutual friend would be hanging with us. Other than that.. I really don't like hanging out with him alone. Like I said, I just don't like him. I wish he'd take a hint though and stop asking me to hang out and stuff since its pretty clear I won't. He jokes to his friends that hanging out with me is a package deal.. 'cause our mutual friend is always there when we do. It shouldn't be funny though! That is totally saying something!! He's the one person in the world I wish would just take a hint. Like the title says.. I could really be a huge jerk to him and just say all of this to his face (or be an even bigger one and just text it.. hah) but I can't, because I know it would completely hurt his feelings.. and that is the last thing I want to do in life.. hurt people.

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You're right, I need to just get it over with :/

I think Bella Fairy is right. Just take a deep breath in and go for it!!!!