Turning Up Without Notice.

I while ago, I wrote a story about a friend who would often cancel plans at the last minute. I described the various ways I had tried to handle the situation.
Recently, I had the opposite problem! I invited her to a dinner party at my place, she said she wouldn't come, but would let me know if she changed her mind. Hearing nothing from her, I assumed that she wouldn't be there.
Just as I was about to serve the food, this friend arrived together with her teenage son (whom I had not invited).
Hastily, I rearranged things, and grabbed a chair and a plate and cutlery for her. Knowing that her son is extraordinarily fussy about food (if it doesn't come from a packet, or a well known takeaway franchise, he is unlikely to eat it) I explained what the meal comprised. She found another chair, squeezed him in at the table and proceeded to use her personal cutlery to take pieces out of the community dishes in the middle of the table and feed them to him.
Revolted, I explained that there were serving spoons and that her son had his own cutlery.
He stared at the food, but didn't eat anything, then pulled out a little hand-held electronic game and leaned forward, elbows on the table and proceeded to play it! After a while, he decided he wanted to go to sleep and lay with his head on his mother's lap. Yes, at the dinner table where there were adult, invited guests.
I hope that I don't sound like a snobby or snooty person, but I believe that this behaviour was really bad. I think that when you're invited to a dinner party there are a few rules: clearly indicate whether or not you will attend, do not bring uninvited guests, do not bring children who don't know how to behave appropriately, refrain from using personal electronic devices unless it's an emergency, use the serving utensils rather than your personal cutlery in the community dishes.
To clear up any possible confusion, no this child does not have a physical or intellectual disability. He is just spoiled and indulged.
I feel so much better now that I have gotten this off my chest!
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Jan 13, 2013