As i note, every teacher are interested in student or remember ther student's name who are intelligence ,hard-study and always get hight-score. They always remind thos name during class,so how about the other who's not??? Such as me,i am not intelligence or ever get hight-score. I think they don't even know me.
I want u guys correct my grammar what i just said. Please
Piyawan Piyawan
18-21, F
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hahahahaha!! please don't mind but I just can't stop laughing at the mess you made of english. But don't worry keep sharing and commenting here and by time you will get better at that. :)

Here is my version of your story with grammar changes and edits to make it sound more American:
It seems to me that teachers are always more interested in students who are intelligent, study hard and always get high scores. In class, they always call on these students by name. But what about the rest of us? For example, I am not intelligent. I never get high scores. I don't think they even know me.

In America, most teachers always remember their students, even many years later. Even the ones who don't do well get remembered if they have a good personality and are friendly. Maybe you are more memorable than you think!

Well I'm not gonna correct you cause I was in the same boat as you. The only reason the teachers knew my name was cause I made trouble in class. Aloha from hawaii

As I note, every teacher IS interested in A student and remember'S THEIR student's name who IS INTELLIGENT, hard STUDYING, and always gets A high score. They always REMIND US OF those nameS during class, so how about otherS who AREN'T? Such as me, I am not INTELLIGENT and never get high score. I think they don't even know me.

I think I got just about everything. :)