People And Promisses

     I hate it when people make promisses with me. It makes me so made when they don't keep their word at all. My sister is good at this one. She has done it many times to me. I wish that she would just tell me the truth in the first place. Then I wouldn't get mad at her. I have learned to never make planes with certan people at all. Its frustrating when people break there word with me. It makes me feel like that I have done something wronge.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I know the feeling. It's not you though, it says more about the person. Do you always keep your promises??? We all have days when we don't feel like doing something but If it is a regular occurrrence with some people, you just have to set them straight and let them know you have boundaries and not to cross them again. For example, a friend of mine recently set a date for four of us to go out on a dinner date but last minute cancelled because her and her partner had argued and also on the same week asked me to book time off work to go to a polo event with her as her boyfreind had got tickets but again two days before she said she didn't have the tickets. I was annoyed as I had bought a dress and booked a day off work. So the next time I caught up with her, she apologised for cancelling the meal and she tried to set up another time, so I set her straight there and then. I told her that If she wanted me to go to an event with her again, can she make sure that she has the tickets in her hands before asking me, as I have wasted an anuual leave day from work and purchased a dress and also if we set a date for all of us to go out again, please make sure you make this one because we could have arranged to go out with another couple. My friend totally understood and that night she was on the phone arranging another date with us, with her partner by her side. I think she got the message. Basically, when you hear yourself complaining or whining about something, it's because someone has crossed your boundaries. So you then have to do something about it. Just stand up for yourself. Be assertive but not agressive with this person and everything should map out.