There Is No Such Thing

I just want all to know, that there is no such thing as the Paper-Fairy! Toilet Paper doesn't magically fly back on the roll! Even though, it may seem that way, when you go back later and there is a new roll is on the bar. But in reality, some family member or roommate had to replace it, and they are now plotting your death! :-o

Heehee! This is so annoying to me. If I am the last one, to use the last of the roll, I will automatically replace it. So, the next person to use the bathroom won't half to scramble for a new roll. It's just bathroom etiquette. My sister does the same also. BUT... my mother and little brother... they do not! My little brother no longer lives with us anymore, but when he did, he would use the whole roll and clog up the toilet... leave the water backed up and spilling onto the bathroom floor... and as a final slap in the face, don't replace the roll! So, the next person behind him, had to unclog the toilet, mop the floor, and replace the roll. :-/

My mother is not as trifling, but annoying still. She forgets to change the roll, leaving it up to me or my sister to do so. ANNOYING! =p

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Mar 23, 2009