Parents Learn To Express Affection

I have seen so many married couple who don't even know how to attend to their baby's everyday needs. Like putting the baby to sleep, feeding and changing diapers etc. Some parents are really so disgusting. I just hope there's a law that would support children before they suffer from neglect. A law that would make or can measure a degree as to how parents are showing effort to nurturing their small children. I wish there would be more awareness towards children being neglected. Parents who love friends rather than taking care of the babies.
We feel hopeless. Neglect, abuse and Illiteracy follows. Worst is crime where victim just don't have the power to ask to be given attention. To eliminate.
abuse,  educate parents to be more loving, affectionate.

But then I know this would be impossible, since parents are capable of killing their own children. That parent's love, as once been told, can't be learned in a fashion that can be developed by having seminar. It is embedded to every one'a parents heart the moment the knew that they're blessed with children.
zephyr2005 zephyr2005
41-45, F
Oct 23, 2011