Enough With The Insults Already

Ugh. You have no idea how many times i've been hated on just because of the way I look. It's really trucking annoying.

I'd like to address the following matters one by one, the first thing people who troll me and insult me say about my looks is that my hair is greasey. Ummm....earth to Captain Idiotic, I wash my hair frequently, use shampoo and comb it. It is NOT greasey.

As for how messy they claim to think it is, it's straight most of the time. So who the hell do they think I am, Russell Brand?

Second. They mention how ugly I think I am. Yes I know i'm not pretty to look at, but we're ALL different in terms of looks and it would be boring if we all looked the same.

The third is about my weight. Yes, I know i'm a little on the chubby side IRL. But please...ENOUGH with the fat-jokes, enough with the names like"werepig" and the like already!

Fourth - Really? You think I dress like a retired old woman? Wow, that's original and clever - you deserve an award. Btw that was sarcasm.

Look...I DO NOT give a crap about how a person looks, it's on the inside that matters. And if they can't see past that - then truck them.
Monstermaster13 Monstermaster13
22-25, M
Dec 10, 2012