People Assume I'm Violent

I get judged alot because I'm muscular with many tattoos. I'm 6' tall and 130kg. I've got heaps of tats and do get in many fights- most of which aren't my fault. Police often stop me in my car or on the street to see if i'm doing anything illegal. People seem very anxious around me and can even cross the road. I know this is due to how I look, funny thing is- i'm on a new path now and i'm trying to be a good man. It's hard to do this when others won't give you a chance. I've been to uni, finished a degree, a masters, two diplomas and probably earn more than most of these people who judge me but still i'm not one of the group. Probably never will be- don't fit the mould, not one of the crew.

souloftheether souloftheether
26-30, M
Mar 27, 2009