Think Before Judge, It Could Be The Best For You!

Well I'd like to share with you a fact that happened to me and to my fiance Nathe almost 6 months ago...

Everything started at 9.00 am May 19th, 2012 (3 months pregnant) while I was at school... well a girl named Olivia (name changed) started judging me and calling me b**** just because I was pregnant and teen. She thought that every teen pregnant girl was a looser and a b****. This was her opinion and I think still is.

Well I had and still have my fiance support.. my fiance was her ex so she started flirt with him.. of course he didn't care about her so he told her to stop say false things about us and to leave us alone. But the thing is that she was in a relationship with another guy.

The days passed by and rumors were more annoying so I told my parents about Olivia and the s*** that every single day she put on us..
My parents were ungry with her and so they talked to her parents who didn't care about me because I was a child who was going to have another child...

Anyways it wasn't enough for her to stop saying false fact one day she told me that I was a psychopathic b**** and that I would have been the worst mother in the world because I had "stolen" her boyfriend ( now my fiance and my son's father) from her.

I was sick and tired about her and her s***......but one day (actually I don't remember very well wich and sincerely I don't even care) while I was going to my Principal to tell him what was going on with Olivia, a girl told me that Olivia got pregnant...her baby's father was gone and her parents were very very very disappointed to her.

Then she has choosen for abortion for obvious reasons.

Well I might be a bad person because I got pregnant while I was a teen, but I think that if you have opinions on someone else's life please don't be rude or inappropriate because in this case I got pregnant at 17 and Olivia judged me for this... but after a month she did the same thing at 16.

I see her everyday.... she's still the same as before but now she knows that if she hadn't had an abortion, she would have been a mother to be like me. I don't judge her choise because I'm not the one person who judge others for their choises.
I don't judge none because my parents taught me to don't do this, and I know that it isn't the right way to live.

I still believe that age doesn't define the person that you are.. but in many cases it's just a NUMBER.

I don't support teen pregnancies but I'm in one of them and I know that I'm young but this is MY life... I'll try to do all of the best for my son and for me as well..
My son will be always put at first and I'll provide to make sure his happiness.

Much love
-Megan :)

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Same here girl! I'm going thru just about the same thing! I'm here to talk if you want!

Thank you :)

I'm Emery and I'm a teen mom of almost 4. I get judged a lot too but their opinions don't matter. They don't take the time to get to know how you got into the situation that your in. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had text books thrown at my stomach, and withmy 2nd son I was pushed down a flight of stairs at school. Don't worry about people like her. If you ever need someone to talk to , feel free to msg me:)

They are so mean.. Thank you and I will :))

hey there, im temika, im 16..
and i got bullied at school , and now am 22 weeks pregnant, and refuse to go to schooll..
i get looks and stuff, but tbh i couldnt care less, i cant wait for my baby boy to be here <3
besides everyone makes bad decisions, and all you can really do is fix what youve done , and all we can do is do the best we can for our child..<3 and id never regret my son <3

Hey nice to meet you :) I'm Megan and I totally agree with you! Message me anytime :))

nice to meet you too !
and feel free to message me aswell :)

I will :)

But I'm not a statistic. I am a living, breathing, human being. < a good fellow teen mom said that. its so true, we have to learn that people will always judge you no matter what the situation is, dont' worry i have teen moms backs 100% i wish you all the best with Braiden.

Thank you! And I know they are so boring.. get a life!!!! lol

Yes I remember this girl.
I agree with you in the last part.. you are totaly right Megan ((:

Thank you Alissa! This is just what I think :))

Your welcome (: and i know!