I was a teen mom at the age of 16, I had my second daughter at the age of 19. Of course I had the support of my family.

I didn't want to be the typical story of a teen mom on welfare so I went to nursing school and obtained my RN/associates degree by the time I was 20. I was now able to support my children alone.

That wasn't enough, I wanted more...I earned my BSN by the time I was 25 and them received my masters degree by the time I was 28. I am now comfortable making a great 6 figure salary.

I will never judge a teen mom but I will add that she needs to use her children as motivation to improve her life! It takes time, patience and a lot of hard work but in the end it's worth it!
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Good for you!!! You're a great example to many out there.

May not be an ideal situation, but certainly not on worthy of judgment.