Phantom Tollbooth

I remember in the Norton Juster book, "The Phantom Tollbooth," Milo and his friends make some assumptions and end up being lifted into the air and dumped onto the island of Conclusions. To leave, they have to swim through the Sea of Knowledge, and arrive on the other shore wet from the knowledge they gained -- all except the Humbug, who having acquired no knowledge, is completely dry from the traverse, and continues to jump to Conclusions.

When they get to the island of Conclusions, they are told that they got there by making an assumption without any evidence or facts to support the assumption.

This made a big impression on me as a child, and I always remembered this. I would actually look around if I was told I jumped to a conclusion, to make sure I hadn't REALLY jumped to that desolate-yet-crowded island of Juster's fantasy. And I learned to love swimming in the Sea of Knowledge.
auroramaru auroramaru
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Jan 15, 2013