Hate It When the Cops Give Me Greif

Ah! It get's me so annoyed thinking about them. The last time I got hassled by cops it was for taking food-waste out of a bin. They said I was not allowed to do that, that it was against the law, that it's stealing! Fekkin bastards! So I explained very very politely that allowing people to take food from bins is good coz it stops anyone having a need to shoplift. I said that I have met cops before who had seen me going in bins and that the normal response is to not bother someone for doing this unless the shop owner or manager has actually made a complaint.  They left me alone after a while but told me I should not try to clear-up after myself coz thet just wanted me to leave. I said I would just go then but I actually stayed and tidied so that nobody could tell I had been through the bin. I put the bags on the top the right way up so nobody would see where they had been torn-open.

Then I cried. I cried a lot. Really hard. All the way home. Then I cried for the next few days.

Coz it's like they're saying "You are not even good enough to eat the **** we throw away. You don't even deserve to eat garbage"

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Thanks for the sympathy Aggie, I do ok though. I'm best off just not re-reading this tory,i'll just leave it here so the cops can see it and understand what their words can do to vulnerable people.

Thanks pd. I thought I'd write it now coz I go back there (to that incident in my mind) nearly every time I go looking for food now, it happened at the place I'm using now. I know they did not mean for me to take it that way, but it's all I need at this time of year. I felt like that coz that is how those words make me feel. They don't bother to think that I might have no choice. When I started going to this particular bin I was working for a charity, just not earning enough to cover food on top of everything else. I was contributing quite enough to society I wasn't a waste of space. Yeah I wasn't crying actually when I wrote the story, I am now. Thanks pd! :')